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Candles really add to the ambience of a room, bringing a seductive gentle light to every situation. But sometimes candles aren’t appropriate to the venue, perhaps because it’s too windy or because there are young children present who could be at risk … in these circumstances, InArt’s selection of LED candles are the perfect solution: flickering flames, realistic wax candle appearance and completely safe in all conditions. There are even novelty candles that cannot be beaten for cuteness, such as cactus and flower shaped designs. Of course, sometimes only a real candle will do, and to ensure that your real candles are perfectly maintained, we offer a nice set of candle accessories including an elegant retro silver candle snuffer. Aromatics have a long history and scented candles and room scenters are one of the ways we make our living spaces more enjoyable – investing in some incense, scent sticks, scent diffusers or aromatic candles will allow you to alter the mood of each room of your house, romantic gardenia for the bedroom, fresh lemon for the kitchen and dynamic rosemary or cedar for the living room. Combining lighting and scent can alter a room’s personality, so why not play around with candles and aromatics to achieve a whole new aspect to your home?

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